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Weld Plus is a supplier of pipe and tank welding equipment such as pipe positioners, sub arc weld manipulators, turning rolls, weld seamers, powered vessel rotators. Subarc weld head directors, rotary welding turntables, headstocks - tailstocks, welding lathes, seam welders. Column boom manipulator used with pipe rollers. Side beam carriages, welding automation and arc welders Our Staff is ready to assist you!

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Turn your surplus welding equipment into cash. We want to buy your used welding machines and recycle them. We rebuild them into usable products.

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Weld Plus Welding positioning equipment. Automated welding solutions made simple. Our facility is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. We service customers in North America and Internationally.  machines for metal joining.

Complete welding automation systems for pipe, vessel and tank welding fabrication applications. Let Weld Plus help you improve your welding productivity.

Welding solutions supply source. Stocking equipment from manufactures such as Webb,  Koike, Aronson, Pandjiris, Ransome, Jetline, Sideros, ESAB, Bug-O, Gullco, Watts Specialties, Profax, Worthington LJ Welding,  Teledyne Readco, Cyclomatic, Cecil Peck, Bancroft Corp, Weld Engineering, and Preston - Eastin.

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