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Used Welding Equipment

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For Sale, Rebuilt, Buy or Rent Used Welding Equipment

Many of the below pictures of used welding equipment for sale were taken prior to reconditioning. All rebuilt equipment carries a 90 day warranty as well as a 30 day satisfaction return policy. This covers all used welding equipment and machines. To view a picture, an full description of the used weld equipment for sale click on the product # number or thumbnail below.

Used Welding Equipment

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Miscellaneous Used Welding Equipment
Product # Product Description

Acorn 5 x 5 Weld Platen with stand. ME140929

Airex Welding Fume Exhaust Arm ME150223

Nederman 2007 Model VAC20-4000 Welding Fume Exhaust System ME150211

5,000 lbs Pentalift Hydraulic Lift Table for welding. ME130511

2000 lbs Used ITNAC Model 2000 Posi-Turner ME140920

Air Float Model LS-6 6,000 lb Lift Table Used for Welding ME120202

Pentalift 5,000# Hydraulic Lift Table. 60 x 74 table ME130512
ME120779P Used 3 Ton Pneumatic hoist | Ingersoll-Rand Model HLA60A, Pneumatic hoist. 6,600 lb. capacity ME120779P
ME120750P Used Welding Reelcraft/MC Doughton Model 7850 Fluid Hose Reels Air, Water or Oil. Spring retractable ME120750P

Used Welding Reelcraft MC doughton | Model 9000 Fluid Hose Reels Heavy Duty ME120712P
ME120749P Used Reelcraft Model 83050 Fluid Hose Reel. Air,Water or Oil ME120749P
ME120773P Used Ingersoll-Rand Model Q50, 2.2 Ton Pneumatic hoist. 4,400 lb. capacity ME120773P
ME110210P Walker-Bux BM-110 Used Weldment Lifting Magnets 11,000 lb. Max ME110210P
ME110214P Industrial Fabrication Walker-Bux BM-55 Lifting Magnets 5,500 lb ME110214P
ME110215P Used Lifting magnets metal plate 3,000 lb. Max ME110215P

ME408007 Gullco Plate Beveler. Model BCM-12

Welding Fume Clean Air Equipment Smoke Eater ME130125

American Manufacturing 2,000 lb. Model M1070 Hydraulic Lift Table ME150233P

Gullco Heavy Duty Mig Used Welding Carriage. Variable speed rack and pinion driven carriage ME000901P
ME110707A Cullen-Freistedt 20,000# Used Coil Hook for Welding part positioning, 20,000 lb. ME110707A
ME110708A Letellier 30,000# Coil Hook. 30,000 lb. capacity Steel coil hook ME110708A

Autoquip Model 36BD55EXW-HC 5,500 lb Lift Table. Air/Hydraulic ME110331

Used G&P Model 36 Belt Grinder/Sander Manipulator mounted grinder/sander, 36 x 4 grinding surface weld removal ME110703A

FL-25 Mohawk Four Post Fork Truck Lift. 25,000 lb capacity, 13 ft wheelbase max ME908002

ME704010 Arc-Air Model N-6000 Used Automatic Arc Gouging System. 1600 amp capacity

VC701002 Welding Vacuum Atmospheres Corporation Model HE-233-62 Inert welding chambers

VC802003P Airline Model VC-48 Inert Vacuum Welding Chambers 48 inch,

Weldmatic WD12 Wooden Reel MIG Welding Wire Dispenser ME140803A

Weldmatic Bulk Mig Welding Wire Feeder Model WD10 ME140804A
ELL RJPP&CS Elliot Roto Jet Power Pipe Cleaning System for Welding Preparation

ME611016 Torit / Donaldson Mini Trunk 2 gun used welding fume exhaust system

ME140402 Heck Industries Turbo-Burr Welding Deburring Tool
Root-Jet Elliot Root Jet Power Pipe Tube Cleaning System, Used Prior to Welding Pipe

ME209009 GE Type MC-6A Power DC Circuit Breaker 8,000 Amp. Manual Operated

Glegg 2123 Gallon Water Storage Tanks ME812004

Caldwell Model 1FS-48 1,000 lb Posi-Turner ME140101

Posi-Turner 1,000 lb capacity Caldwell Model 1FS-48

Bleeker Portable Spray Booth. 42 x 36 front opening ME611021

TR-33 Mohawk Four Post Above Ground Vehicle Lift. 33,000 lb capacity ME908001

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