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Used Pipe Welding Equipment

Full selection of pipe weld equipment and machines. For sale new, reconditioned used and rebuilt pipe cutting and beveling machines. Everything from manual or automated piping welding systems. We also sell tools used for pipe welding fabricating applications.

H and M pipe bevelersWatts Specialties MK pipe welding machines and equipment

T100909 Cecil Peck 5,000 lb Unit Frame Turning Rolls with Hold Down Device. 5,000 lb weight capacity, 8” to 42” diameter capacity. Variable speed rotation. 5” wide x 9” diameter rubber wheels, 2 wheels per shaft. 1 shaft is powered, the other is an idler. 40.5” high to the top of the wheels. Custom built for the welding of pipe “tee’s” and elbows. 115 volt. On/Off foot pedal.

CM120406C Koike Auto-Picle-II Portable Pipe Cutting Machine. Remote pendant with 15 ft. cable. Variable speed chain/friction driven carriage. 6” to 24” diameter capacity. 25” to 60” with additional guide rail. Pipe cutting thickness from 3/16” to 2”. Cutting torch and chain NOT included. 120 volt. Shipping weight 33 lbs. Serial #201037. Ready to ship

ME506001 Protem Model US-38 Pipe Beveling Machine. Capacity from 1.57 to 8" I.D. Manual Feed of 2". 2 H.P. Standard Air Motor Drive. For Beveling, Facing, Counter Boring and Deburring. Serial #N/A Good Condition.

TW209002 Tri-Tool Model 202TS. Pneumatic Tube to Tube Sheet Facing Tool. Complete with Collets for Tubing from .77 to 1.95 I.D. Serial #1197007 Good Condition

ME606007 Tri Tool Model 572E Tube Squaring Machine. Ό” to 2” Tube Diameter Capacity. 115 volt. Serial # 295098 Good Condition

ME606010 Tri Tool Model 574E Tube Squaring Machine. to 4” Tube Diameter Capacity. 115 volt. Serial #1194067 Good Condition 

ME606015 Mathey Deerman Model 48 Porta-Mill Portable Cutting and Pipe Beveling Machine. 3.375 to 8.125 I.D. Pipe Diameter Range Capacity. ½” Maximum Face or Bevel Capacity. Power Unit NOT Included. Works with Rothenberger USA, Mini-Collins and Ridgid Universal Power Drives. Serial # N/A Good Condition


sprinkler pipe welding machine

1996 Cypress Pipe Sprinkler Welding Fabrication System.

This 26’ pipe welding machine includes the following : 1 ea Model CB-10P Cypress plasma cutting head with a Thermal Dynamics Signature 1250 cutting system mounted on a manual travel car, 1 ea Model CW-5 Cypress welding head with a Lincoln DC-600 power supply and a pendulum type weld oscillator mounted on a manual travel car, 1 ea 26’ long side beam with 4 each bolt down mounting stations. Very Good Condition #WS909006

 Pandjiris 1998 Hot Wire Tig Pipe Welding Machine System

A Complete Hot Wire Tig Pipe Welding Station that Includes a Pandjiris 4’ x 4’ Manipulator on Travel Car, 2 each Pandjiris HS-20PE-VS Headstocks with TJ-20 Chucks, Pandjiris Pipe Supports on Manual Travel Cars, Miller / Jetline Welding Package and a Complete set of 50’ Tracks. Please Ask for a Detailed Specification Sheet. Excellent Condition Rebuilt.

Specifications and Features : Manipulator :Pandjiris Model 88. 4’ Variable Speed Elevation (3 to 73 IPM) from 20-1/2" to68-1/2". 4’ Variable Speed Reach (3 to 110 IPM) from 21" to 69" from the Center of the Column. Powered Mast Rotation with Limits for 180 Degree Indexing from One Headstock To the Other. Mounted on a Pandjiris Model 3042 VSC Variable Speed Travel Car and 50’ of 42 Gauge Track. Also Has a Welder Platform to Carry all the Welding Equipment with the Travel Car and Spring Style Electric Cable Reels Mounted on Travel Car. Serial #12223ECO

Headstocks: 2 each Pandjiris Model HS-20-VS-PE. 2,000 lb Capacity @ 5" C.G., Variable Speed Rotation from .07 to 1.4 RPM. 12" Power Elevation from 33" to 45" to the Center of the Rotational Axis. Both Headstocks are Equipped with the Following Options : Pandjiris TJ-20 Quickset Gripper Chuck, 1" to 16-1/2" Outside Clamping Capacity, 6-1/4" to 20" Inside Clamping Capacity. Pandjiris Dialweld Control – Shows Linear Speed in IPM for Diameter Set on Selector – Dial Diameter to Welded, Dial Weld Speed, and the Table RPM is Automatically set to Weld Diameter at a Selected Welding Speed. 3 Each Heavy Duty Roller Head Pipe Supports on Manual Travel Cars that sit on 50’ of 24 Gauge Track

Welding Equipment : "1998" Miller Phoenix 456 CC/CV Power Supply, 450 amp, 100% Duty Cycle, Serial #KJ079755 Miller HF-20-1WG High Frequency Unit Bernard 3500 Water Circulator Weldcraft WP-27B 500 Amp Water Cooled Tig Torch "1998" Jetline Model 9500 Micro Processor System Control Serial #980394 "1998" Jetline ALC-201-V6T Arc Length Control with 6" Slide Serial #980198 "1998" Jetline Model 9200 Weld Oscillator Serial #980395 with a 9032-47105 Oscillator Programmer Control for Storing up to 4 Programs Serial #980395 "2003" Jetline Model 98028 Hot Wire Tig Feeder Control Serial #030111 and a HWP-200D Hot Wire Tig Power Supply, Torch & Wire Delivery Bracket Thermal arc HE-150 Water Coolant Circulator 3" Vertical Cross Slide

Arc Systems Automatic Pipe Welding Machine. The Welding System of Pipe Includes a Preston-Eastin HS-2S 2,000 lb Capacity @ 6” C.G. Headstock with a 20” Diameter Scroll Chuck that has a 6-1/2” Thru Hole. A Weldlogic AWS-150 Advanced Tig Pipe Welding System that Includes Controls for Variable Speed Rotation of Headstock, Weld Current Control, Arc Distance Control, Cold Wire Speed Control and Feeder and a 1.0 to 150 amp DC Power Supply. 3 eacg 6” Manual Slides for 3 Axis Adjustment of Torches. All Controls are Mounted in a Single Remote Pendant Control. 230/460 Volt. Serial #HS2S-13 Good Condition #WS601002

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