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Welding Positioners

Types and designs of welding positioners technical information and specifications.

Weld positioner products like rotary tilt positioners, drop center, small bench top, rotating tilting turntables and universal balance welding positioners.

Stocking new positioners and we rebuild used welding positioners for sale. All types of rotary positioners and benchtop welding positioners. Geared elevation positioners and powered tilting positioners from manufactures such as Koike, Aronson, Ransome, Pandjiris, Profax, Teledyne Readco, Cullen-Friestadt, Heinrich Gluck, Kistler, Aircrafter, Worthington, Preston-Eastin, Jetline, P&H, MBC, Watts, American Eagle, Webb, Unique and Airline. 

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Welding Positioner Manufactures Specification Sheet

What are the different terms for the designs and types of weld positioners? Most are based on the industry and terms used in country using the positioners. Geared tilt turntables or rotary tilting turntables are terms used for gear rotating positioners. They rotate at a variable speed and tilt the rotary table at a constant speed from flat to 135 degrees. Small positioner designs are often called benchtop type  or table top positioners. Welding positioners sizes range from 50 lb. to 350 tons and more..

There are also special types such as Uni-balance design positioners that are used for multi directional positioning of parts for welding and material handling. Universal balance positioners are very unique in how a welder can easily position the box part or frame. This makes for easy in position welding.

Headstocks-Tailstocks designs provide support at both ends of the part you want to position for welding and parts assembly. These positioners can be fixed height or offer powered geared elevation to raise truck frames and other parts are suspended between the head and tail stocks. Often times the headstock positioner is used alone with out tailstock with a secondary support like a pipe jack stand when welding pipe. This allows open access to the pipe or part end. It also saves money when you do not need the positioner tilt function. Headstock-tailstock positioners have vertical fixed tables for rotating parts in the horizontal position.

All types of robotic type positioners are built to work with robot applications using special drives that work in concert with the robot arm movement. Other basic sweep indexing tables can have a hand shake design that tells the robot when the table and parts are ready for welding. Robot positioners are often used at higher table rpm applications.

Weld Plus Positioners Features, Types, Design Specifications and Services

Weld Plus offers new or used rebuilt welding positioners. Our skilled factory trained service technicians can outfit the positioners with variable speed foot pedals, remote hand pendants, limit switches for mechanized weld equipment integration.

Weld Plus also offers quick gripper pipe chucks, pipe dolly outboard roller support stands or paired with a matching tail stock. welding positioner pipe gripper chucksPandjiris makes the standard of the industry when it comes to quick set pipe welding gripper chucks. TJ-20, Model A, Model B, Model B-60 Quickset Gripper Welding Chuck,

Weld positioners are a easy way for increasing your welding quality and productively A pipe chuck and tooling on a weld positioners assists the welder in welding faster compared with a manual or a semi-automatic welding setup.

Weld Plus has a large inventory of all types and designs of positioners is for sale or rental in our Cincinnati warehouse. We have a rent to own program for all sizes, types and design positioners. We also will accept trade-in positioners when you want to upgrade or downsize. Weld Plus also will buy your surplus weld positioning equipment at a reasonable price.

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Weld Plus will help you improve production and we have all types and designs available in a very wide range of sizes from small to large positioners. There are used for basic welding fabrication for advanced weld positioning applications. Contact us to learn more about the types of our new and rebuilt used welding positioners and other welding position equipment.

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